Unemployment Compensation in Michigan

Unemployment Claims –  A Guide For Employers

Zeigler Townley P.C. can help Employers at every stage of an unemployment claim.  Our employment practice represents Employers in a variety of legal scenarios and also advises Employers on litigation prevention.  We will assist you in defending the claim, as well as provide preventative tips to keep other employees from filing claims in the future.

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Discussion At Table

In Michigan, employees may request a copy of their personnel file under the Bullard-Plawecki Right to Know Act (.pdf). 
Employers should keep the following records:

  • Notes on hiring decisions
  • Time sheets
  • Time off
  • Conduct violations/Write ups
  • Complaints made by employees
  • Complaints made against employees
  • Action taken by the company in response to complaints, and
  • Terms and reasons for an employee’s separation.

Review a recent successful Misconduct Decision (.pdf) where we represented a claimant before an Administrative Law Judge and the legal analysis involved in such claims.

Applicants must:

  1. Read the brochure from UIA thoroughly.
  2. Register with Michigan Works!
  3. Call Marvin every time you are required.
  4. If denied benefits wrongly, you must appeal ON TIME.
  5. Answer all questions honestly and quickly.

Applicants can be denied for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Not earning enough base wages
  2. Voluntarily quitting verses Constructive Termination (.pdf)
  3. Turning down Suitable Work (.pdf) with the former employer
  4. Termination for misconduct, etc.
  5. Severance Agreements (sometimes)

Call (248) 643-9530 during business hours or email info@zeiglerlaw.com.

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