Protecting & Growing Businesses

Our clients continue to trust our legal advice and guidance in protecting their business-related legal issues. At our firm, we practice preventative lawyering focused on steering you away from a variety of pitfalls and traps many entrepreneurs fall into. Should you find yourself embroiled in a legal matter, however, our team of experienced and highly adept business lawyers fights for your interests in a range of issues including everything from breach of contract incidents to shareholder agreements.

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Business Meeting

Drafting & Enforcing Business Deals with Integrity 

Lawsuits are not the answer for most clients. This understanding compels our consultations, focusing our attention on maintaining integrity, implementing preventative measures, and coming up with alternatives. Rely on our assistance in drafting, negotiating, and enforcing a variety of contracts including:

Getting You Started the Proper Way

Whether starting from scratch or changing your business entity in some way, our team of detail-oriented attorneys will ensure you are in line with proper corporate governance and will perform services such as:

Guiding You Away From Critical Mistakes

Moving forward is vital to success as a business, so growing and expanding in a responsible manner is a process many of our clients turn to us to guide. With our extensive background, we help our clients achieve their long-term business goals through sound legal advice, based on excellent judgment along with due diligence and clarity in professional transactions. Expanding your business with the help of our guiding hand moves you away from costly mistakes like:

  • Lawsuits by Former Employees, Independent Contractors, Shareholders, or Partners
  • Bad Business Contracts & Decisions
  • Risky Extensions of Credit to Customers
  • Unfair Competition by Former Employees
  • Government Audits & Disputes with the Department of Labor or IRS
  • Unsecured Sales & Creditors

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