Conservatorship / Guardianship

A Conservatorship is used to administer the financial needs of a protected person, when they need assistance with their funds due to infirmary, age or other disability.  The Conservator determines the amounts needed to pay for lodging, medical or attendant care, clothing, food and the necessary items a person needs to live.

A Guardianship is used when the person needs physical help.  In short, a Guardian will drive the person to the doctor; the conservator will pay the doctor bill.

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What do you Need? Financial Matters? Medical Matters?

Often clients need both a Conservator and a Guardian; many times (but not always) it is the same person in both roles.

Conservatorships and guardianships can be avoided (.pdf) by using durable powers of attorney for financial matters and medical powers of attorney. Without these documents properly in place, it will require a Probate Court application and hearing to establish a Conservatorship or Guardianship.  We advise our clients whether or not an expensive court-supervised proceeding is necessary when a loved one requires nursing home care, assisted living or is no longer able to care for themselves.

Conservatorships and Guardianships continue to be supervised by the Probate Court and require annual accountings and Court approval each year. Court supervised proceedings are not a cost-effective way to manage these matters.

We guide you through this process whether preparing the documents prior to needing them, or proceeding through the Probate Court if need be.

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