Knowing How to Win in Court

We fight for you!  With over 60 combined years of experience, we have aggressively pursued and defended client’s claims in court, arbitration and administrative hearings.  Litigating a case requires precise skill - not only being familiar with the Rules of Evidence,  Jury Instructions,  and applicable law - but also in the superior preparation necessary to be fully ready for the unexpected evidence often occurring in depositions and trials.    We know the evidence and the arguments to present to our case and to counter those claims brought by the other side.

Working hard to win!  Beginning at the first consultation, we focus on and effectively target those facts and issues the can bring resolution sooner rather than later.  We ask the hard questions to get to the heart of the problem immediately.   While the vast majority of cases resolve prior to trial, we recognize being properly prepared places our clients in the best possible position for a very favorable resolution.  We don't strive to settle; we work hard to win to create viable options for our clients including settling or moving forward to a positive verdict at trial.

See our list of Courtroom Successes.

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In The Courthouse

We know what judges and juries want--we know because of 60+ years of experience in Court, Arbitration, Case Evaluation and Facilitation.  We effectively use

  • Factual Presentation using Multimedia presentation from Discovery;
  • Well-rehearsed witnesses who know what to say and what not to say;
  • Prepare our clients for cross-examination and how to handle difficult questions;
  • Hostile and difficult witnesses are expected and we prepare to undermine their testimony; and
  • Surprise evidence can be used to our clients' benefit.

A day in court is a good day for our attorneys who enjoy the practice of law and ability to represent our clients.  By fully preparing for trial, we are able to obtain the best results possible for our client on the day of trial, or in settlement negotiations.

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Courts Where We Practice:

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