Commercial Real Estate Requires Specialized Attention

Are you looking to buy, sell or rent commercial property? A business investment presents distinct issues, such as:

  1. Environmental Impact
  2. Existing Tenant Leases
  3. Local Ordinance Restrictions
  4. Future Development
  5. Owners Liability
  6. Operations Costs
  7. Systems Inspection Reports

These concerns must be addressed in any Offer to Purchase, or Lease, regardless whether you are the buyer, seller, landlord or tenant. Otherwise, you may have to initiate litigation to resolve the unnoticed, unresolved issues. Additionally, our clients benefit from our extensive practice areas:

  1. Past litigation
  2. Landlord/tenant disputes
  3. Establishing corporations
  4. Asset protection
  5. Estate planning

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Leasing Commercial Property?

You worked hard to establish a business presence, you do not want any additional burdens, such as customers not finding you (signage), or not being able to park when they get there (parking) or using the services of another similar business (competitors). The lease should contain specific language tailored to your business needs, including;

  • Zoning restrictions
  • Signage
  • Parking
  • Use and Occupancy descriptions
  • Build-out requirements
  • Zoning restrictions
  • Length of Terms, including starting date and renewal options
  • Type of rent: gross or triple net
  • Assumption of liability
  • Corporate obligation or personal guarantee
  • Clear Responsibility of maintenance
  • Allowing competing business at the same locale

These important clauses must be clarified, otherwise the tenant can find their business restricted - even eliminated! - without recourse from the lease.

Call (248) 643-9530 or email regarding your Commercial Lease.

Buying or Selling Commercial Property?

The Offer to Purchase and closing documents require numerous items:

  • Survey
  • Environmental Impact Study
  • Current lease(s) of existing Tenants
  • Waivers of any Rights of First Refusal
  • Consent Resolutions of Buyer and Seller
  • Certificates of Good Standing for Buyer and Seller
  • Warranty Deed
  • IRS Forms, such as Non-Foreign Affidavit and 1099-S
  • Tax Bills
  • Title Insurance
  • Personal Property Bill of Sale
  • UCC Clearance
  • Bring Down Certifications

We help prepare and obtain the documents necessary to protect both the buyer and the seller, so the commercial property transfers cleanly and clearly to the new owner.

Call (248) 643-9530 or email regarding the sale of Commercial Property.

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