Employee Handbooks

Our Attorneys  instruct our employers on creating and updating their handbook of labor policies and procedures. Our experience has shown us that without a handbook, employers unintentionally create policies and procedures through the practices and habits of their labor force that often lead to lawsuits.

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Discussion At Table

An employee handbook allows employers to establish company policies and practices in a single place. It serves as a guide for the consistent application of decisions made regarding the workforce, allowing for equal treatment of each employee. This provides a stabilizing influence among the employees and avoids discrimination, favoritism, and harassment challenges. A well-written employee handbook can keep our employers out of court and assist in defeating claims if they occur.

Zeigler & Associates also helps our employers establish policies governing the use and abuse of cell phones, computers, social media, email, and blogs.

Call (248) 643-9530 or email info@zeiglerlaw.com for a consultation.

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