Winning Situations

Zeigler Townley P.C. possesses the technical knowledge and experience to handle complex litigation and arbitration, while balancing an appreciation for the economics of litigation along with the stress on the participants.

Our courtroom successes include:

An Oakland County Circuit Court ruled in favor of our client, Charles L. Descamps Insurance Agency, Inc., against Diederich Insurance Agency, Inc. in their failed attempt to enforce a non-competition agreement against a former employee/sales representative The Court, after trial, determined the non-competition agreement could not be enforced. Case No. 2008-089497-CK (2008).

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Goddess of Justice

    1. At a Preliminary Injunction Hearing in Macomb Circuit Court, our Firm prevailed, overturning the Temporary Restraining Order, and allowing the client to continue in a multi-million dollar business transaction.
    2. Judgment, after trial, that the Landlord could not collect rent from our client, the tenant, following a burglary because the Landlord had failed to notify the tenant that the apartment was repaired and safe to re-enter. Dart Properties, Inc. v. Stormer, 44th District Court, Case No. 09-90907-GC (2009).
    3. Our Employer won its argument, after trial and on appeal before the National Labor Relations Board in Washington, DC, affirming that the Bargaining Unit as identified by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 539, did not include all of the employees that should have been included. The employer ultimately won the single unit, store-wide secret ballot election. Ashcraft’s Market, Inc. and UFCW, 246 N.L.R.B. 471; 1979 NLRB LEXIS 2023; 102 L.R.R.M. 1592; 1979-80 NLRB Dec. (CCH) P16, 522; 246 NLRB No. 68, November 15, 1979.
    4. The very same issue was again won by our Employer over the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local 20, after trial and on appeal before the National Labor Relations Board, in Washington, DC.Great Day, Inc. and UFCW, 248 N.L.R.B. 527; 1980 NLRB LEXIS 673; 103 L.R.R.M. 1451; 1980 NLRB Dec. (CCH) P16, 864; 248 NLRB No. 79, March 17, 1980.
    5. We successfully initiated a lawsuit and then negotiated the receipt of the full value of the interest of a 40% minority shareholder in an over the road trucking company for about $750,000.00.
    6. $0.00 was the amount our client paid to settle a lawsuit in the failed attempt to enforce a letter of intent for the sale of a golf course in Lapeer County.
    7. An Oakland County Jury awarded every single penny requested in Pilz Automotive Safety vs. Sentec Automation Corporation.  Case No. 1999-019717-CK.  We also received attorney fees and costs as sanctions.
    8. In the Matter of Mable E. Prehn (Genesee County Probate Court Case 2007 182179DE), we successfully reduced our client’s liability from $285,876.00 to only $19,181.52.  And then reduced the obligation to payments of only $75 per month.
    9. We recently obtained a dismissal almost immediately after a matter was initiated, due to a fully researched and filed Motion.    Rivalry, LLC v Asia Heartland Trading Corp.  Macomb County Case No. 2016-00213 CB.
    10. Our attorneys obtained a judgment and fully collected the amount due against a sitting Circuit Court Judge.  Weiswasser v Braxton, Case No. 06-148011, 36th District Court.
    11. We prevailed when representing a tenant against an unscrupulous landlord who misrepresented the condition of the property and tried to sue the tenant under the lease.  Riverview place Limited Partnership v Bella Belli, Inc.  Oakland County Circuit Court Case No. 2006-076041 CK
    12. Plaintiff voluntarily dismissed BOTH cases he was litigating against our client due to our aggressive discovery. Alert Driving v Menedez.

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