"For someone that has never been down a path where I needed to turn to legal guidance, my consult with Bruce Townley was extremely beneficial under my circumstances. No one truly understands their civil rights until it comes down to a personal situation. Bruce was extremely concise and dependable. I felt from my first impression, Zeigler & Associates P.C. Inc. was very reliable from the time they called to confirm my consult to a day prior to my initial appointment time. Upon my arrival, I was greeted right away and Bruce and I met. Efficient time and understanding was what I was given and the proper steps to start the process of my circumstance. I can appreciate that especially when Bruce took the time to educate me on a subject matter that is not in my expertise. I left with no doubt about my next move, and clear understandings.

 Thank you kindly and I look forward to the outcome, should I ever have to give a reference.. I would recommend Zeigler & Associates P.C."

— Samantha G.



"I have known Matt Zeigler for the past several years. In those years I have developed a great respect for him personally and professionally. His honesty and uncompromising integrity has made him one of my most trusted colleagues.

He began the practice of law in 1976 and started his own practice in 1988. Today he has built his business into a thriving law practice concentrating on business law, corporate law, litigation, employee benefits, retirement benefits, probate, wills, trusts, and estate planning. His dedication to his clients has led him to appear before such distinguish courts as the Michigan Court of Appeals, the U.S. District Courts and the U.S. Courts of Appeal in Cincinnati, Ohio and in St. Louis, Missouri.

I would recommend Zeigler & Associates to my clients as well as my family. I have such confidence in Matt that I would recommend him to you."

— Jules Descamps Jr. (President, Descamps Insurance)



"Matt Zeigler has been my corporate and personal attorney for the past 3 years. His careful, thoughtful, sensitive manner combined with his legal expertise creates the trust that is essential between client and attorney for a successful experience. He is a man of integrity and authenticity."

— Diann Braun



"I hold in highest regard the services rendered by Matt Zeigler and Associates. I have found all of the Zeigler staff to be friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional."

— Richard H. Jarnagin



"Matt Zeigler excels in all areas of pension planning and has been our 'guiding light' throughout the years. In addition to his legal expertise, he is a man of integrity and honesty to name just a few of his many attributes. I am proud of my long association with Matt Zeigler and look forward to its continuance for many years."

— Lillian Pilon Albrecht



"When I went to my first appointment, I didn’t know what to expect, but Matt made me feel very comfortable. He explained everything very clearly and in a way that I understood exactly what steps he was going to take to win my case, which I did, in fact, win.

I would recommend Matt to anyone. I was treated professionally and with respect. I can say that my experience was totally superb.

Thank you Matt for getting me what I deserved."

— Donna Prabel


"We met with Bruce and were very satisfied with the service that we received. We would recommend him to friends and family members."

— Chris R.



"Selecting an attorney was a challenging, and emotional process. I needed someone of superior caliber who would aggressively represent my best interests at all times. This attorney ended up being none other than Mr. Matt Zeigler. Through his what seemed like unlimited amount of knowledge, and expertise I was able to recover lost assets, and settle a challenging, and complex case in a reasonable amount of time in addition to sealing all records. Matt is someone who is relentless in his pursuit of Justice. Look no further than Matt Zeigler when selecting a respected attorney."

— Jonathan M.

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